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  • Why I Was Invited to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s Birthday

    Photo by White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans

      I lived in New York City for five years, so traveling back to speak on a panel focused on racial equity in early learning was something I was really looking forward to. I still remember the passion and energy in the city around equity.   The attendees and panelists at last week’s event certainly […]

  • Sam About Town: Talking Early Learning and Taking Selfies


      The last month or so has been chock-full of opportunities for me to spread the good word about the importance of early learning and Thrive’s work. We’re so fortunate to live in Washington state, which is a national leader in this work as the result of the extraordinary vision and tireless efforts of so […]

  • STEM in Early Learning Adding Up to Success

      “Let’s explore this book.” “Imagine something and draw on this paper.” “I love to sing our favorite songs together.”   We encourage our children in these activities because we want to build their confidence and creativity, their interest in reading and the arts, and above all, a lifelong love of learning. At Thrive, we […]

  • Thrive Leadership Luncheon: Excitement for Our Future

    John Stanton and I chuckle as former Washington First Lady snaps a selfie with Bill Gates Sr.

      Recently we held our 2014 Leadership Luncheon with 550 people, raising excitement around early learning in Washington state — and more than $247,000 to help us keep doing great work to support our state’s youngest children and their families.   Our favorite Tweet during the luncheon: I’ve been to my share of luncheons and […]