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  • Washington State Holds Its Sixth P-3 Institute Next Week

      It may be summer, but Washington educators will go back to school next week to work on the state’s early education continuum at the Starting Strong Sixth Annual P-3 Institute.   This year, the conference will begin by focusing on full-day kindergarten and the potential of marrying neuroscience and education, two areas where Washington […]

  • Voters Want Greater Investments in Giving Young Children a Great Start in Life

    • July 23rd, 2014
    • Author: Paul Nyhan
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      Washington state made significant progress in building a high-quality early learning system over the past five years. And Republican and Democratic voters overwhelming say they support even more investments, a new poll says.   During the last decade, Washington has invested in a comprehensive early learning strategy, including expanding access to preschool. The percentage of children […]

  • Becoming an Ally for Racial Equity

      By Jane Partridge Project Coordinator Visions for Early Learning, West Regional Early Learning Coalition   This blog post was strongly influenced by the insights of Visions for Early Learning (VEL) member Christine Hanson, a member of the Nisqually Tribe and part of our Visions Work Team for Racial Equity. Christine passed away on July […]

  • It’s Time for a New Type of Elementary School that Starts in Pre-K or Earlier, New Report Says

      When students arrive for the first day of kindergarten, too often it’s like they are getting onto a moving train a few stops too late.   They should have jumped on the train in pre-kindergarten, if not at birth, and traveled on an integrated track to kindergarten.   Today, the New America Foundation laid […]